Be steadfast! You have the truth

Suhayb reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said,”Among those before you there was a king who had a sorcerer. When hewas old, he said to the king, ‘I am old, so send me a lad to whom I canteach sorcery.’ He sent him a lad for him to teach. When the boy was onthe way, he came upon a monk. He sat down to listen to his words andliked what he heard. Whenever he went to the sorcerer, he would pass bythe monk and sit with him. When he came to the sorcerer, the sorcererwould beat him. He complained about that to the monk who said, ‘Whenyou are afraid of the sorcerer, say, “My family kept me.” And when youare afraid of your family, say, “The sorcerer kept me”‘..

“While all this was going on, he came upon a great beast whichwas barring the people’s way and said, ‘Today I will find out who isbetter, the sorcerer or the monk.’ He took a stone and said, ‘O Allah,if what the monk does is preferable to You to what the sorcerer does,then turn this beast aside so that the people can pass.’

He threw it and killed the animal and the people went on. He went tothe monk and told him and the monk said to him, ‘O my boy, today youare better than I am. I see the point that your business has reached.You will be tested and, when you are tested, do not point me out.’ Theboy used to heal the blind and the lepers and treat people for alltheir ailments.

A companion of the king who was blind heard this and brought him manygifts. He said, ‘All that I have gathered for you here is yours if youheal me.’ He said, ‘I do not heal anyone. It is Allah Almighty whoheals. If you believe in Allah Almighty, I will pray to Allah to healyou.” So he believed in Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty healed him.

He went to the king and sat with him as he used to do. The king said tohim, ‘Who has returned your sight to you?’ He said, ‘It was my Lord.’He said, ‘You have a Lord other than me?!’ He said, ‘My Lord and yourLord, Allah.’ So he seized him and did not stop torturing him until hepointed out the boy. The boy was brought and the king said to him, ‘Oboy, your sorcery has reached the point where you heal the blind andthe lepers, and you do such-and-such and such-and-such.’ He said, ‘I donot heal anyone. It is Allah Almighty who heals.’

He seized him and did not stop torturing him until he pointed out themonk. The monk was brought and told, ‘Renounce your religion.’ Herefused. He called for a saw and placed the saw on the centre of hishead and split it until the two halves fell apart. Then the companionof the king was brought and told, ‘Renounce your religion!’ He refused,and the the saw was placed on the centre of his head and split it untilthe two halves fell apart. Then the boy was brought and told, ‘Renounceyour religion,’ and he refused. He handed him over to a group of hiscompanions and said, ‘Take him to such-and-such a mountain, and takehim up the mountain. When you reach its summit, if he has not renouncedhis religion, throw him off.’

They took him and brought him up the mountain and he said, ‘O Allah,save me from them in whatever way You will.’ The mountain shook andthey fell. He walked to the king and the king said to him, ‘What hashappened to your companions?’ He said, ‘Allah Almighty saved me fromthem.’ He handed him over to a group of his companions and said, ‘Takehim and put him in a ship and take him to the middle of the sea. If hedoes not recant, then throw him into it.’ They took him and he said, ‘OAllah, save me from them in whatever way You will.’ The ship capsizedand they were drowned. He walked back to the king and the king said tohim, ‘What has happened to your companions?’ He said, ‘Allah Almightysaved me from them.’

He said to the king, ‘You will not kill me until you do what I commandyou.’ He said, ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘You should gather the peopletogether on one plain and crucify me on a palm trunk. Then take anarrow from your quiver and put the arrow in the centre of your bow andsay, “In the name of Allah, the Lord of the boy,” and then shoot it. Ifyou do that, you will kill me.’

So he gathered the people together on one plain and crucifiedhim on a trunk and then took his arrow from his quiver and placed thearrow in the middle of the bow and then said, “In the name of Allah,the Lord of the boy,” and then shot it and the arrow struck his temple.He put his hand on his temple and then died. The people said, “Webelieve in the Lord of the boy.” The king was brought and told, “Do younot see that, by Allah, your fear has brought about the very thing youwere afraid of! The people have believed.”

So he commanded that a trench be dug with openings onto it andhad fires lit in it. He said, ‘Throw into it, anyone who does notrenounce his religion or tell him to jump.’ They did that until a womancame with one of her children. She hesitated to jump into it and thechild said to her, ‘Mother, be steadfast! You have the truth.'”

Sahih Muslim
From Imam Nawawi’s Gardens of Paradise