How to perform Wudhu (Ablution)


The Wudhu’ for Salaat

Steps of Wudhu’ (Ablution)

1-Intention: The intention is in the heart. Uttering the intention is an innovation (bid’ah).


2-Recitation of the Basmallah (Say: Bismillaah upon commencing the wudhu‘)


3-Washing the hands three times:


4-Al-Madhmadhah (Gargling: washing the mouth and moving the water around within in it) and Sniffing at the same time with a handful of water, three times.

Taking water into the nose and breathing it into its backmost part (arrow up) (Istinshaaq), and then expelling it (Istinthaar)


5-Washing the face three times:

Limits of the face (font and side ways)


(Running water through the beard

with the fingers is from the Sunnah)


6-Washing the arms up to the elbow (i.e. including the elbow), three times, starting with the right.


7-Wiping the head and ears:

Wiping the head with wet hands moving them forwards and backwards-beginning with the front of the head and wiping with them up to the nape then returning them to the original place of the front, then wiping inside the ears with forefingers and their backs with the thumbs


8-Washing the feet and the ankles, three times, starting with the right foot:

Washing the feet and ankles (left) and wiping between the fingers and/or toes (Takhleelul As-Saabi’)


9-Reciting the Shahaadah (Testimony of Faith) upon completion of Wudhu’

Ash-hadu an la illaaha illallaah wa ash-hadu anna

Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasooluh.

I testify that there is no true god worthy of worship except Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is His salve and Messenger.


10-The Wudhu’ should follow the order described above.


11-Washing each part directly after the previous one leaving no time gap in between that may render the previous part dry.


12-Menses or Sexual Defilement (Janaabah) require full Ghusul (Bath).




Invalidators of Wudhu’

1-That which comes out from the two private parts (responding to the call of nature or passing wind).


2-Sound sleep, insanity, unconsciousness, or intoxication.


3-Touching the uncovered private parts (i.e. skin to skin). {Scholars differ in this matter, whatever opinion you deem to be correct, and then follow it}


4-Sexual activity leading to emission of prostatic fluid or semen.


5-Eating camel’s meat



It is not a condition for the Muslim who invalidates his wudhu’ to wash the private parts unless it is invalidated due to urination, defecation, or prostatic fluid (requires washing of testicles, and penis)