King ‘Abdul-‘Azeez giving clarification on “Wahhabism”

King ‘Abdul-‘Azeez giving clarification on “Wahhabism” Taken from Mujmalu-I’tiqaad-il-Aimmati As-Salafee page 117 -118. Translated by Editorial Staff at tazkiyah (dot) org Written by/Said by King ‘Abdul-‘Azeez (Rahimahullaah) Edited by Editorial Staff at the former tazkiyah (dot) org King ‘Abdul-‘Azeez (Rahimahullaah) said: “They have labeled us with the term ‘Wahhabiyoon’, and they have named our madhhab as ‘Wahhabi’ considering it as a specific madhahb, and this is a wicked mistake, appearing from the false propaganda which has been spread by the people of gossip. We are not the people of a new madhhab or new aqeedah, our aqeedah is the aqeedah of the rightly guided predecessors, we respect the four Imams and we make no distinction between Maalik, Ash-Shaafe’ee, Ahmad, and Aboo Haneefah, all of them are deeply respected in our view. This ‘aqeedah is the one that was re-established by the Shaykh of Islaam Muhammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahaab and the one he called towards. This is our ‘aqeedah and it is the structured ‘aqeedah upon the Tawheed of Allaah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala), free from defect, far removed from any innovation.”