No matter how difficult it becomes

Ukhti Fi Eman
Rememberthat with the rise in temperatures there will be an evident rise infahisha/shamelessness and all types of immodesty that will surround you and I.

Remember to guard your eyes and guard your faith for these are the times where fitnah will approach us from all corners.

Remember that no matter how difficult it becomes, Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ ala knows of every single sweat, tear and struggle along the way. He, az wa jal is closer to us and knows us better than we know our own selves: “And when My servants ask you concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them)” [Baqara:186]

Rememberthat the blazing heat of the sun can no where be put into comparison with the heat of the blazing fire: “The fire of Hell is more intense in heat.” [Tawbah:81]

Remain firm and Allah az wa jal will further strengthen your firmness on His Deen.