Story of Jazan

Once Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) was passingby an area in the city of Qufa. There, a group of wrong doing peoplehave gathered to have a party. They were engrossed in drinking wine. Asinger called Jazan was entertaining them with songs. Jazan had a verybeautiful voice. When Abdullah ibn Mas’ood heard his voice whilepassing by, he said in amazement, “So beautiful is his voice. Howwonderful it would be if he had used that voice to recite the Quran!”After saying this, Abdullah covered his head with a cloth and left thatplace. When Jazan noticed Abdullah ibn Mas’ood leaving, he asked, “Whois that man and what was he saying?” ..

The people in thegathering told him, “He is Abdullah ibn Mas’ood, a companion of ProphetMuhammad (peace be upon him). He said that your voice is verybeautiful. How wonderful it would be if you had used your voice torecite the Quran!”
Jazan was struck by his comments. He threw away his musical instrumentand ran to Abdullah ibn Mas’ood. The two of them embraced each otherand shed tears profusely. Abdullah ibn Mas’ood said to him, “Why shouldI not love the one who loves Allah?” Thereafter, Jazan repented toAllah and stayed in the company of Abdullah ibn Mas’ood to learn theQuran and other teachings of Islam. He learned to such an extent thathe became one of the great scholars of his time.

Obtained from the book “Tambihul Ghafileen” by Shaikh Abul Laith Samarkandi.